Hello. It’s Me.

Hello.  It’s Me.

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Hello, it’s me:)

I hope that this post finds you well and happy and anticipating your wedding date in 2016–or perhaps looking ahead to 2017!  We have been blessed to be very busy and our calendar is rapidly filling up for our 11th season. Our gorgeous expansion has proven to be an amazing back-up plan for our brides in the event of bad weather. We can seat up to 175 in a traditional chapel arrangement without the fear of getting wet or sacrificing your view of the Great Smoky Mountains as a background for your wedding ceremony. We also do winter weddings and had a full month of weddings in December and with patio heaters in place, the view from the porch was stunning!

We still have limited availability in April, July, August and a couple of dates in September–including the 10th (our only Saturday date open in the fall this year. We have had a couple of cancellations–one for May 15 and the other for October 23. Currently, we have a special offer in select months, but we are always delighted to customize a package for your wedding day.

if you would like to come and visit with me or one of our amazing wedding coordinators, on our family farm, please email me at sampsonshollow@aol.com or text me at 865.387.1234.

Blessings to you throughout this journey to your wedding!