Our Policies

Corporate Mission Statement

Sampson’s Hollow is faith-based enterprise owned by William and Janice Livingston and their family. We believe, by faith, we have been entrusted as stewards of this property by our Heavenly Father. We believe it is by God’s grace and provision that Sampson’s Hollow has endured. God has been faithful in the past, and we trust Him for our future. We are committed to honoring the Lord in all we do by operating this faith-based enterprise in a manner consistent with Biblical principles.

As a testimony to our stewardship, and as a reflection of our commitment to honor God in all that we do, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality of service to our guests. In keeping with our commitment to honor God in all aspects of our operation, we adhere strictly to a Biblical tradition and view of the sanctity of marriage as a holy estate consecrated by God and defined as the union of a man and a woman in holy matrimony. We
hold this immutable truth of scripture to be central to our tenets and religious beliefs. For us to offer our property or services in a manner inconsistent with this core value would unquestionably violate our sincerely held religious beliefs.

This corporate mission is protected under the Religious Freedom Restoration Act. 42 U.S.C.A. § 2000bb. Burwell v. Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc., 134 S. Ct. 2751, 2767, 189 L. Ed. 2d 675 (2014).

Customer desires to rent the Site and obtain and secure Contractor’s products and/or services more specifically set forth, below, (the “Event,”); Sampson’s Hollow is a family-owned and privately held property with guidelines and policies reflecting our family’s traditions and beliefs in this, our faith-based enterprise. Sampson’s Hollow recognizes and honors that the covenant of marriage shall be between a man and a woman, as ordained by God and the great state of Tennessee.

The parties hereto, in consideration of the mutual promises and covenants as herein set forth, and intending to be legally bound, covenant and agree as follows;

Duties. Contractor shall provide the products and/or services set forth herein at Section 16 relating to the event. Customer shall pay Contractor the Contract Sum and shall honor and abide by all terms of this agreement.

Contract Sum Total. Customer will pay the agreed upon total price of the event, plus applicable state tax of 9.25% and hotel/motel tax of an additional 5% (when applicable) for a sum total of Contract Deposits. Contemporaneous with the execution of the Agreement, Customer shall deposit with Contractor a non-refundable advance deposit in the amount of fifty percent (50%) of the total Contract Sum to secure the availability of the products and/or services relating to the event, unless other arrangements have been made with the Contractor and outlined on page 9 of this agreement. The amount of the contract deposit for this event shall be $
Damage Deposit. There shall be a damage deposit of $150.00 which requires advance payment by personal check. You may use a bank card for the damage deposit with an added convenience fee of $20.00 for processing. The damage deposit will cover charges resulting from the following; physical damage to the property, missing items from kitchen, cabin or grounds, usage of perishable products from Contractor’s supplies (such as disposable plates, napkins, burners, forks, spoons, cups, etc.), and/or excessive trashing of cabin and/or property beyond reasonable usage. This amount must be paid in advance and if damage does or loss does not incurred by the client and their guests, the amount will be fully refunded within seven to ten business days.

Balance Due. Customer shall pay to Contractor the outstanding monetary balance at least thirty days (30 days) prior to the event or this Agreement shall terminate unless other arrangements have been made with Contractor prior to this deadline.

Contract Time. The Event is scheduled to be held at the Site on , subject to the terms of this Agreement.

Default; Breach. Upon Customer’s breach or default of this Agreement, Contractor may (i) cease performance and/or terminate this agreement, (ii) recover all damages, and (iii) assess a penalty for any labor (consulting and processing time) resulting from Customer’s breach or default of the Agreement, all of which will be added to the Contract Sum, which (iv) shall accrue interest at the rate of 18% per annum of the unpaid Contract Sum until paid in full. Customer further agrees to pay all reasonable costs of enforcement and/or collection including reasonable attorney’s fees, all expenses, fees and court costs.
Indemnification. Under the terms of this Agreement, Customer shall release, waive and hold Contractor harmless from and against all claims, rights, actions, or liabilities relating to its negligence in whole and in part.

Integration and Merger. This Agreement inclusive of all exhibits and attachments states the entire agreement between the parties and shall be binding and inure to the benefit of the parties hereto, their respective legal representatives, successors and assigns, and contains the final and entire agreement between the parties hereto.
Force Majeur. Contract shall not be liable to Customer for any failure or delay in performance of its obligations hereunder by reason of any event or circumstances beyond its reasonable control, including without limitation acts of God, war, riot, strike, labor disturbance, communications or utilities failure, fire, explosion, flood or shortage or failure of suppliers.

Choice of Law. This Agreement between Contractor and Customer shall be governed and construed according to the laws of the State of Tennessee, and any dispute hereunder shall be resolved in the Circuit Court (Equity Division) for Blount County, Tennessee.
Termination. Any breach or default by Customer under this Agreement shall comprise an event of material breach, including but not limited to Customer’s (i) breach of any terms or conditions, (ii) cancellation of the Event, and/or (iii) failure to pay the Contract Sum, thereby entitling Contractor to immediately terminate this Agreement without notice or termination or prejudice to any other remedy of Contractor.
No Partnership or Joint Venture. Nothing herein contained is intended or meant to create or establish the relationship of partners, associates, or joint ventures’ between the parties hereto.

No Waiver. Any waiver by the parties of any breach of any covenant herein contained to be kept and performed by the parties shall not be deemed or considered as a continuing waiver, and shall not operate to bar or prevent said parties from enforcing any succeeding default or breach.
Miscellaneous. This Agreement may not be assigned, amended, modified, or terminated, and no such assignment, amendment, modification, termination or waiver shall be effective unless executed in writing by the party against whom enforcement is sought.

Notices. All notices, demands, requests or other communications that may be or are required to be given, pursuant to this Agreement shall be in writing and shall be mailed by U.S. Mail, postage prepaid to the parties as set forth in the first paragraph of this Agreement.

All events are subject to the following Service Policies applicable to the Event and the Site at all times material hereto:
Following the booking of an Event, the Customer is provided with two additional visits to the facilities at no additional charge in order to meet and consult with vendors, wedding planner/coordinator, and/or Contractor. Each of the visits must be scheduled no less than seven days prior to the date of the request. The visits shall not exceed 90 minutes per appointment. Should he guest have need of additional visits or consultations on the property, there will be a charge of $75.00 per additional hour of time.

Is located in a residential community. The Site is private and secluded, yet there are homes and other businesses in close proximity to the property. Thus, a 10:00 pm curfew applies to all events, including weekend events, and Customer will be liable to Contractor for $200.00 for every additional 30 minutes extension on the property. Noise levels, including music and sound must comply with our “good neighbor” policy and may be regulated by members of our staff if deemed in noncompliance of this policy.

Customer must clean-up the Site and al facilities used in connection with the Event as outlined by Contractor or Customer will be charged a clean-up fee of $100 per ½ hour required to clean the same which shall be added to the Contract Sum. Contractor will provide trashcans, trash bags (not to exceed 5), and will dispose of properly bagged garbage.

Must provide their own garbage bags, paper towels, dry towels, and all kitchen-related equipment and supplies.

Contract shall not supply table linens, as these are the sole responsibility of the Customer, unless catering is being provided by the Contractor.
The Customer will have the choice of utilizing the dressing room located in the upstairs loft of the barn, Or, in the one-bedroom cabin provided that the cabin has been added or is included in the package selected by the Customer. The use of the loft and the cabin is restricted to members of the bridal party who will be using the areas for dressing. The loft may not be used for overnight lodging. Children are not to be left unsupervised and unattended in loft or cabin at any time. The loft and/or cabin is not intended to serve as an entertainment area for children.

In order to maintain the rural and primitive appeal of the Site, the bridal parties and/or guests of Customer may use on wildflower seeds or bubbles to send-off the wedding couple. Depending on use and season of the year, sparklers or wishing lanterns (but no other fireworks) may be permitted with prior approval of Contractor or property manager. The guest is responsible for the supervision of minors and for clean-up of the property following the use of these materials. Paper and/or metallic confetti, streamers, paper or glitter/sparkles may never be used and an additional clean-up fee will be charged if this policy is violated.

If the event is a wedding and or reception, the Guest must have a designated Wedding Coordinator or Director. A member of our staff may be hired to provide this service is Guest does not have a wedding coordinator or director available. Sampson’s Hollow is not responsible for directing the wedding procession and ceremony. It is strongly recommended that this be an experienced person who can monitor and supervise all activities on the day of the wedding. It is not always the best choice to use immediate members of the family, friends or members of your wedding party as it does not allow for the fullest enjoyment of the event. The designated individual must contact a Sampson’s Hollow representative and discuss details of the event/ceremony a minimum of ten days prior to the date of the event.

Customer agrees that neither Contractor nor its officers, agents, family members and other representatives shall not at any time be responsible or liable for any type of inclement weather, any act of nature, outdoor sounds (cows mooing, dogs barking, mowing by adjacent properties), natural occurrences such as flooding or fallen trees, or any type of occurrence that might precede or during a scheduled event and that the Contract Sum will not be adjusted in respect of the same.
Deliveries and times of arrival and departure by vendors and guests must comply within the allocated time frame purchased by the Customer and outlined in the details of the signed Contract between the Customer and Contractor. Failure to comply will result in the assessment and charge of additional time/hours to be billed to the Customer.

Rehearsal times may not be available to Customer at the Site’s Location on the afternoon/evening prior to the day of the Event. Time will be provided for the rehearsal based on the details and options included in the package selected by the Customer. The allotted time for the rehearsal will begin at the designated time regardless of the time that all participants arrive.

Customer agrees that Contractor’s nature trails through the woods and adjacent to the Site shall be used at the personal risk and liability of the Customer and its guests. Customer agrees that Contractor shall not be responsible or liable for any injury that occurs while hiking or exploring on the nature trails or woodlands whether naturally occurring or otherwise.

The wildflowers that are growing in the Contractor’s meadow and on the property are part of the appeal and natural environment of the venue. It is realized that occasionally children, in their innocence, will pick stems of flowers. However, as with any private property, the flowers and flowering shrubbery and greenery are to be enjoyed by our guests and future guests. If flowers are picked for the intention of using them for decoration or as substitutes for buying flowers for your event, the Customer will be charged based on current market value.

Children are welcome at any event of Contractor. Customer agrees that in the interest and safety of children those children shall be supervised at all times. Children shall not explore alone the woodland and water areas comprising the Site or adjacent thereto. Children are not allowed in the cabin or loft or other structures on the property without personal supervision of parent or designated adult. Damages caused to the property by children of guests will be charged to the guest.
The average capacity within the barn, including the covered front porch is approximately 110 guests in total, depending on the use of the allocated space. The front lawn can be used for additional seating. Tents may be rented from a professional rental company of the Guest’s choice. The capacity for the reception facility (“the barn”) cannot be exceeded due to safety and fire marshal regulations.

Customer acknowledges that all decorations must be approved prior to the Event and that Contractor must also approve any use of sparklers, candles, or lanterns a minimum of seven days prior to the event. Contractor reserves the right to remove items that have not been approved or considered safe to our property and to guests.
Silk flower petals are not to be used on the grounds.

Rental Policies: If the Event is to be held on a Sunday, and Sunday events, while still on a peak day, are discounted, please be aware that rentals from a Saturday wedding might still be on the property because rental companies do not work or pick up after hours on Sunday morning. The largest and most noticeable of traditional rentals would be a large white tent. If the bride or guest from the Saturday event has a contract with Anderson’s Rentals, or most rental companies, removal does not occur until Monday or Tuesday of the week following. However, should a Sunday event (Customer) want the tent removed from the property prior to their Event, there will be an additional $100 charge for this “after hours” removal service by the rental company which will be paid by the Sunday guest. The price for Sunday weddings are significantly reduced because of the inconveniences associated with a Sunday event. However, should the Saturday guest not wish that the tent be on the property during another event on Sunday, the Saturday Customer will be responsible for making arrangements to have the tent picked up on Sunday prior to that day’s scheduled Event.

Use of Cabin: Should the bride and/or groom or guest have use of the cabin for overnight accomodations prior, during, or following the wedding and/or reception or Event, the cabin is for their use only. The cabin may not be used to extend the party or celebration. The occupancy of the cabin is limited to three guests. Should this rule be abused or ignored, the gust will be billed at the property rate of $400.00 per hour for using the property for entertainment purposes rather than for the intended use of overnight lodging. Smoking in the cabin is not allowed. Should the cabin smell of cigarette smoke or cigarette/tobacco remains be found within the cabin, the guest will be charged an additional fee (rate to be determined by cleaning company) which will be required to fumigate and eliminate the smell from the structure (curtains, linens, couches, comforter,etc.)

Excessive trashing of the cabin will be applied to the damage deposit for a minimum of $150.00. All trash must be bagged, dished washed and put away and personal items removed.

The Contractor is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
Alcohol Policy. Should the Customer elect to serve wine or champagne (the service of beer or liquor is not allowed), a separate policy must be completed, signed and implemented; details are listed in the Alcohol Policy and Contract which is a separate document. The completed contract must be on file with Sampson’s Hollow (the Contractor) a minimum of four weeks prior to the event date. Failure to comply with this policy will result in the confiscation of the unauthorized beverages and possible eviction of the offending person (s) from property and premises. Please read alcohol policy carefully and share with guests, family members and bridal party, as applicable.
Sampson’s Hollow reserves the right to ask individuals to leave the property should there be issues of excessive and obnoxious behavior, excessive profanity, intoxication, fighting, abuse, or other inappropriate conduct.

Parking. The Contractor will provide assisted parking. Guests may park in the designated area at the top of the hill and walk down the nature trail to the barn and reception area, or proceeding to the bottom of the drive/hill and parking behind the barn, as directed by our guest services staff. Those individuals who need special assistance will be parked nearest to the handicap-accessible ramp and a golf cart will be provided to transport the guest to the ceremony site.
Bottled water will be provided for the ceremony only and not for the rehearsal time or reception, unless Sampson’s Hollow is providing in-house catering. In the event of a rehearsal, should the Customer wish to have bottled water and/or canned beverages supplied for the comfort of their bridal party and those in attendance, the Contractor can provide this service at a per person charge of $2.00. This service must be arranged a minimum of one week prior to the rehearsal.

Contractor will not require Customer to choose from a recommended list of vendors. However, Customer is required to submit a list of vendors that will be used for the Event two weeks prior to the date of the Event.
Caterers and food service providers (even if the food is being provided by family members) must have their food prepared prior to arriving on property. Our facilities may be used for warming, cooling, storing (on the day of), final prep, and clean-up, but food may not be prepared from scratch to finished product. Individuals and/or professional caterers who are providing this service to the Customer are not to use the property of Sampson’s Hollow, including serving utensils, chafing pans, burners, cookware, dishes, plates, silverware, glasses or any in-house supplies without paying a rental or usage fee. Should perishable items be used or items lost or taken by food service providers, the damage deposit will be used to pay for these items.
Food service providers must supply their own paper towels and garbage bags.
Caterers or food-service providers must work within the time frame of the selected package. The time in the kitchen and used for set-up is included as part of the hours purchased by the Customer. Do not ask if your vendors may arrive early or stay late.
There will be an additional charge should the food service provider fail to follow check-out/clean-up procedures and policies following the event in the amount of $100.00 which will be deducted from damage deposit. The kitchen must be returned to the same order as it was found, including sweeping and mopping of floor and wiping down all counters.

I/we the Undersigned Customer have read the Agreement and the policies and procedures of Contractor, and Customer agrees for itself and its guests, vendors, suppliers, photographers, caterers, planners and other representatives to all terms and conditions thereof. I further understand and agree that I will have made a 50%

Non-refundable deposit in the amount of . If, for any reason, a Customer must cancel their Event, the deposit (less 20%) can be transferred to another date within one calendar year of the original date. Payments on weddings cancelled within 30 days of the event cannot be refunded on any portion of this agreement.

A firm guest count must be turned in 30 days prior to your event. If this number increases by more than 5% within two weeks of your package, or the number of guests who show up/attend your event is significantly more than the contracted package, you will be billed an overage charge based on the terms of your package, including a per guest charge for the use of the facilities and services rendered, and catering charges plus gratuity, should Sampson’s Hollow be providing in-house food service. This amount will be charged to your credit/bank card on file.

Customer agrees and acknowledges that it will convey and transmit the terms of this Agreement to all of its guests, vendors, photographers, suppliers, caterers, event coordinators, and other representatives, who shall be subject to the terms hereof at all times.