Unique Ideas for a Christian Ceremony at our Farm, Sampson’s Hollow

Unique Ideas for a Christian Ceremony at our Farm, Sampson’s Hollow

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Sampson’s Hollow holds the principles taught by Jesus dear and we serve our couples and their families as the we best can follow our Lord’s teachings.

Why not try a few clever ideas at your wedding to bring Christ to the center of the occasion and help to create memories and God’s Living Word as part of your every celebration.



One idea we love is to have a special Bible at the Welcome Table. Ask guests to highlight a favorite verse for the Mr. and Mrs as they begin their journey!

Another idea we often see that is precious is to use a Bible in place of a pillow to tie the wedding rings on. This can also be a special family Bible or one special to the couple.

Lastly why not show your love with a foot washing before the ceremony. Our Lord showed us this act as a way of showing love and service above all in love. Before your ceremony or after, with those most special, we can plan a foot washing place for a special bonding moment with Christ in the center of your love.

We welcome your ideas also as you come to Sampson’s Hollow and plan your wedding. We want your dream Once Upon a Time to be meaningful and Christ centered as you come together at this special time.

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