Experience the Luxury of Southern Hospitality Experience the Luxury of Southern Hospitality

Welcome to our beautiful outdoor wedding venue in the Great Smoky Mountains.

‘For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and the two will become one flesh’? So they are no longer two, but one flesh. Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate.”

Matthew 19:4-6

“Who is the Sampson’s Hollow Bride and what will we do for her?”

What does every bride and groom want for their ideal wedding?
A perfect day, beautiful venue, lots of amazing photographs, good food, beverage, music and lifetime of happy memories.

This is where our “superpowers” in southern hospitality begin to be revealed. First and foremost, we are inspired by the bride’s dream. You will never be left alone to deal with issues that might arise. As soon as you book a more inclusive wedding package, a coordinator will contact you to get started. You will begin to make wedding plans together. She will work with and advise you as to locations for your ceremony and advise as you anticipate seating and decorating. She will assist in developing a timeline for your wedding day; ask lots of questions for you to share your vision and design. Our coordinators work diligently to provide a seamless transition for each step of the adventure. Our goal is to be her problem-solver and troubleshooter. The coordinator will be at the rehearsal and on the day of your wedding, she will be there to set up tables, place linens and follow through with your personalized choices for table scape. She will confirm the vendors providing the services for your package. You will determine a property time based on the hours included in your package.

Having a coordinator extends that time without you, your family, or bridal attendants having to plan around getting ready themselves. If the weather is questionable, the coordinator will give you options for your backup plan. And she and her staff will implement them. Your guests will be comfortable, and their needs attended to. There will be staff in the parking areas to assist you in where to park. At this point, your guests will be directed where to go, according to the bride’s preference. We will take care of those who need additional assistance. They will be readily transported by our staff in golf carts. If you are having a pet in the wedding, we will make sure that pet has drinking water, and provide them with a treat, with your permission. We have staff to assist with most any aspect of your wedding day. And at the end of the day, you nor your family or friends will have to do the breakdown and clean-up. It will all be taken care of for you. The coordinator and her staff will be your hands, your feet, and anticipate what is needed. These are our benefits of our superpowers. We love what we do and we truly do it well.

The Willow Tree

There is such a gracefulness about a willow tree. It’s long, loping branches of greenery dance to the gentle breeze of the wind.

We planted willow trees when we first started Sampson’s Hollow in 2005. One of our particular favorite weeping willows grows well as it was planted at the head of the wet weather spring, the same one that has been used to provide water in the pastures for over one hundred years. The roots of the willow have soaked up the life-given moisture of the earth. Even when the sun bears down on it and the ground seems dry on the surface–it continues to grow taller and healthier.

A willow doesn’t need a great deal of pampering or attention. In fact, it can be easily propagated and new growth can be started just by sticking a stem in water and waiting for it to start sprouting roots. The branches can be used to mold and to make works of art and are flexible and giving.

Isn’t that kind of symbolic of what a successful marriage needs to strive to be?

A happy parallel I like to think.

Janice Livingston

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