2018 Rustic Wedding Color Trends

2018 Rustic Wedding Color Trends

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Among the many decisions in your wedding planning is color!  Are you planning to have a wedding party and reception?  The colors you choose reflect your personality.  At Sampson’s Hollow we work with the natural colors of the landscape of the farm and then enhance what God has given us to suit your very own….”Once Upon a Time.”

If you are planning for just the two of you, special flowers might be that extra touch, full of symbolic love in your choices.

Some color trends for 2018, as published through many sources, are the colors we love to work with always. Of course, color choices are made by the couple and reflect their personality and the impression they wish to make on their guests if they have family and friends present.

Navy continues to be a popular choice, complimented by a yellow or salmon.

Mint Green, Seafom Green along with a Salmon accent are also popular.

Bronze, Coppers, Silvers, Monitone, Blush and Champagne choices are popular throughtout all of the seaons.

We feel we have some of the most enjoyable, talented and accommodating wedding planners in the region and we enjoy working with the bride, the couple and her family and traditions to create that very own….“Once Upon a Time.”

Allow us to know your tastes and special desires and we will do all we can to compliment our farm setting with your special touches, traditions and ideas.

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