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Can you get married in Cades Cove?

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Can you get married in Cades Cove?

Cades Cove is such a popular destination, many couples wonder, can they get married in Cades Cove?  The answer is yes!  Those who desire the historic church in Cades Cove can arrange by applying for the permit at least 14 days in advance with the $50 application fee, and by staying within the Park Guidelines, you can marry in Cades Cove.

For those who want to marry in the type of setting Cades Cove and the beautiful Smoky Mountains brings, Sampson’s Hollow is an excellent choice.  We can create your Once Upon a Time Wedding, whether you choose an Elopement Package or one of our Wedding Packages, at the foot of the Cades Cove area, at our century farm located next to famed Blackberry Farm.

When marrying in Cades Cove, you need to be sure your Wedding Planner and Photographer are also licensed to perform services in the National Park.  Sampson’s Hollow brings to you the finest of wedding planners with every opportunity to create your fairy tale experience as you say your vows.

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Fairy Tale Farm Weddings, Your Once Upon a Time

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Fairy Tale Farm Weddings, Your Once Upon a Time

Our century old farm setting has romance carved in the wooded setting. Many couples have shared vows as they gazed at our Appalachian horizon with many dreams and hopes ahead.   We invite you to be one of our special couples at Sampson’s Hollow.

One thing we hear over and over is that the couple feels intimate with the setting.  This is so important.  Our wedding planners work to bring your ideas to life in our farm setting to combine your fairy tale farm wedding.

Farm weddings can be anything we can dream it to be:

Woodland Enchantment

What is your dream?

Often it is romantic to mix our old with your new ideas to create the most dream come true ….once upon your time wedding.  We offer wedding tours and welcome you to come and see us.  We are located in Walland, Tennessee directly next door to Blackberry Farm and just next to Cades Cove.  Come and See why so many couples are glad they selected Sampson’s Hollow.

Christmas at Sampson’s Hollow – Plan a Winter Farm Wedding

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Christmas at Sampson’s Hollow – Plan a Winter Farm Wedding

Photos by Cassidy Garcia Photography- Knoxville TN

What a charming time it is at Sampson’s Hollow.  Winter is settling in, and the expansive views of the foothills and the Great Smoky Mountain National Park are changing.  Somehow you can see further in to the Smoky Mountains and their beauty is not dimished but changed.

Since we are a farm venue, do we host winter weddings?  Absolutely.  Christmas and New Year’s times are popular, but who says you have to follow any rules.  Elopements are popular all year round, and winter can bring some of the most romantic atmospheres as you say I Do.

If you are considering a winter wedding, talk to our awesome wedding planners.  They are incredible and go above and beyond to create that very specia., unique to you….Once Upon a Time.

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We also have these fantastic niche websites. Do you wish to be married near Cades Cove? Have you dreamt of a Blackberry Farm Wedding?  Sampson’s Hollow is located directly between these two famous destinations.http://www.weddingsnearcadescove.com

2018 Rustic Wedding Color Trends

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2018 Rustic Wedding Color Trends

Among the many decisions in your wedding planning is color!  Are you planning to have a wedding party and reception?  The colors you choose reflect your personality.  At Sampson’s Hollow we work with the natural colors of the landscape of the farm and then enhance what God has given us to suit your very own….”Once Upon a Time.”

If you are planning for just the two of you, special flowers might be that extra touch, full of symbolic love in your choices.

Some color trends for 2018, as published through many sources, are the colors we love to work with always. Of course, color choices are made by the couple and reflect their personality and the impression they wish to make on their guests if they have family and friends present.

Navy continues to be a popular choice, complimented by a yellow or salmon.

Mint Green, Seafom Green along with a Salmon accent are also popular.

Bronze, Coppers, Silvers, Monitone, Blush and Champagne choices are popular throughtout all of the seaons.

We feel we have some of the most enjoyable, talented and accommodating wedding planners in the region and we enjoy working with the bride, the couple and her family and traditions to create that very own….“Once Upon a Time.”

Allow us to know your tastes and special desires and we will do all we can to compliment our farm setting with your special touches, traditions and ideas.

Janice Livingston, 865-387-1234

Dreaming about 2018 weddings…. Woodsy Farm Trends in Wedding Planning for 2018

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Dreaming about 2018 weddings…. Woodsy Farm Trends in Wedding Planning for 2018

As we study the trends for wedding planning for 2018 and beyond we can’t be more excited that brides are choosing magical locations like Sampson’s Hollow more and more.  Couples are choosing a back to nature experience whether it is justs the two of them on a romantic elopement, or they have gathered friends and family for a special celebration.

Vintage trends are strong and are driving dress and color choices for the bridal party and the following reception!  Brides are loving the looks of the 70’s, (we adimt we do also!) and choosing ivory, cream, chamgagne and off white more often than white for their special dress.  Have you been dress shopping yet?  When the time comes we will want to hear all about it!

Reception trends tend to work to knit guests in to the vow exchange with an emphasis on the importance of the guest.  Favorite scriptures are shared, recipes are requested as gifts, colors for receptions combine rustics with coppers and silver.

Our favorite of the trends is to choose somewhere “Woodsy.” Woodsy is the new Black!  What could be more exciting for Sampson’s Hollow?  We provide a century old farm that is full of stories, trees who have witnessed a special kind of love over and over, and settings ready to take you and your spouse to a fairy tale world where you create your very own Once Upon a Time.  Visit our Photo Gallery or Book a Venue Tour to experience Sampson’s Hollow for yourself.

Whether you are considering an elopement for just the two of you, or a wedding celebration with your family and friends, Sampson’s Hollow’s coordinators are second to none.  We look forward to hearing all about your upcoming wedding date and your dream come true…Once Upon a Time.

Sampson’s Hollow.
Janice Livingston (865) 387-1234

Winter Weddings at Sampson’s Hollow near Cades Cove in the Smoky Mountains

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Winter Weddings at Sampson’s Hollow near Cades Cove in the Smoky Mountains

All seasons at the farm are magical.  Nature provides a backdrop at Sampson’s Hollow that is a stunning testament to God’s creation, and all seasons hold their magic.  Winter Weddings are special.  Our location in the Smoky Mountains of East Tennessee, directely between Blackberry Farm and Cades Cove, can bring mild temperatures in the winter but also the beauty of a light snow.

Romance and celebration come alive as we light the barn and warm the hearts with your beautiful sentiments and expressions.  Trends in wedding colors in winter are whites and silvers, with natural evergreens and pine cones.  Holiday accent colors can be added but not distract from the natural beauty that surrounds you.

Cozy honeymoons might be another consideration as you plan your winter wedding in the Smoky Mountains.  Our wedding planners can help you create the perfect mood and setting, whether it is just the two of you or your family and friends included.

Elopements Are Popular in 2018

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Elopements Are Popular in 2018

The couples who desire to elope are growing.  For many reasons elopement is a great idea.  There are many factors to consider obviously when making the choices about your wedding, but we find the elopement trend is back on the rise.

For so many reasons couples of all ages are eloping.  Farm settings, Barn settings, Rural settings are all popular choices and of course, Sampson’s Hollow would bring that dream to truth.

At Sampson’s Hollow we have been welcoming eloping couples from the year we began hosting weddings. Our romantic settings just call couples to the farm.  Vast mountain vistas are your backdrop and nature is your host when you choose to elope at Sampson’s Hollow.  Our wedding coordinators are available to you and we will indeed create your storybook wedding when you decide to elope to the farm at Sampson’s Hollow. 


Great Smoky Mountains Fall Color

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Great Smoky Mountains Fall Color

This gorgeous photo was snapped by one of our assistants during a quiet moment at this past weekend’s wedding.  The 100-year old red maple was planted by the patriarch of the family, Sampson Flynn, when he started farming on the land given to him by his father.  The bride is sitting on the rope swing and perhaps storing memories of her beautiful wedding to reflect upon in days and years to come.   

Fall Open House

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Fall Open House

Potential brides and grooms are invited to attend our annual fall open house on Sunday, August 28, from 2 – 4 in the afternoon.  We are located near Blackberry Farm, on West Miller’s Cove, in Walland, Tennessee.  Our family and staff look forward to having you stroll the lush farmland, truly located in a peaceful and secluded hollow between two mountain landscapes.  The following professional vendors will be available to answer questions and to share their experience with you: Anderson Rentals, LB Floral, Sweet Manna, 2Guys2Guitars, Sullivan Photography, Maggie Cakes, and Rachel Mobley Photography.  Samples of cake and food will be there for you to enjoy at no charge.  We do ask that you RSVP your intent to attend and how many guests you will be brining to either sampsonshollow@aol.com or text to 865.387.1234.  We are offering a $200 discount on selected packages–not valid in combination of other specials or discounts.  There are still a few fall dates available as well as dates for the holidays from November 20 through the end of the year.  For more information, just email or call us at the information provided above.  image1

2016 Spring Open House at the farm

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2016 Spring Open House at the farm

Brides and Grooms:)
You are invited to join us on our family farm to visit with some of the area’s finest wedding vendors during our Spring Open House on Sunday afternoon, April 3, from 2- 4. This is a free event but we ask that you RSVP by either messaging us here on FB or emailing your intent to attend at sampsonshollow@aol.com. Your RSVP will also register you for door prizes. Our experienced and amazing wedding coordinators will be there to show you the property and to answer questions about customizing your own wedding package. Some of our vendors include Andersons Rentals, LB Floral, 2Guys2Guitars, Sweet Manna, Jennabee’s Cupcakes, Sarah Myers Photography, Rachel Mobley Photography, and food samples provided through Owen’s Food Truck and Sampson’s Hollow. Make plans to come and visit, sit a while, and take in the beauty of our family farm.Carisflowrs 12170709_10208191649297511_1462595560_n FB_IMG_1443715507556 STtwilightphoto