Daydreamin’ Wedding Package

Most of the packages which have been designed by Sampson’s Hollow are branded, in some way, as a dream. Why? Because when we started over a decade ago, we found that all brides were looking for their very own storybook wedding. So what is a daydream? There are several different definitions, but most of them agree that a daydream is a happy thought or vision; a wishful creation of the imagination especially of the hopes or ambitions of the dreamer (or in our case, the bride), imagined as coming to pass, and experienced while awake. The owners and staff at Sampson’s Hollow are exceptionally dedicated in creating a dream event for each and every guest. Allow our extraordinary team to assist in creating your own vision of a once upon a time wedding day.

This outline is a guide and most any event can be customized based on each individual guest and the needs and preferences of their special day.

This option includes:

• Up to 125 guests including bridal party and vendors
• The services of a Sampson’s Hollow approved minister to perform the ceremony.
• Property contact person (a coordinator or coordinating services is not included in this package.)
• Includes all basic and signature services described below.
• Eight hours on day of event; choose 8 hours between 11:00am and 10:00pm**
• Sixty minutes for a walk-through, offered sometime during the week of, or the day of, based on availability (is not guaranteed for day/evening before and cannot be added to day of event)
• Use of farmhouse cabin for day/night of wedding
Arrival time in cabin begins with the arrival time for the package**

Friday – (Peak/High peak months) $3400.00
Saturday – (Peak months) $3800.00
Saturdays – (in October High-peak month) $4000.00
Friday – (Non-peak months) $2800.00
Saturday – (Non-peak months) $3400.00
Sunday – (Peak/High Peak months) $3300.00
Sunday – (Non-peak months) $2900.00
Monday – (through Thursday Any month) $2500.00

Off-Peak = January, February, first two weekends of March, August and December

The following holidays will be priced as a peak Saturday;
Valentine’s Day, Memorial Day, July 4, Labor Day and the Saturday following Thanksgiving

Closed on the following holidays;
Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

Additional services included in the Daydreamin’ package;

• Use of The Barn (heated and air-conditioned), Sarah’s Glen, The Pergola in the Meadow, the Little Arbor at the Footbridge, wet-weather spring, and The Foundry .
• Chairs set up for both ceremony and reception
• Tables to accommodate the number of guests in your selected package.
• Plus our signature services including;
• Use of crystal chandelier or antique chandelier to decorate the arbor or pergola at the ceremony site
• Use of chauffeured golf carts to assist in transporting guests with special needs (such as grandparents) to ceremony site
• Assisted transportation for bride and groom and their photographer to various sites on property for photographs following ceremony.
• Fresh greenery and baby’s breath on arbor at ceremony site with assorted greenery in tie-backs on front porch.
• Use of two whiskey barrels and antique door for cake or favor display.
• Chilled bottle water on ice and hand fans to enhance comfort of guests, provided for the ceremony only.
• Assisted/Valet parking (at no additional charge)
• Spraying the ceremony location to minimize the presence of flying insects.
• Use of bonfire pit privileges, in season (wood and starting log is provided)

A coordinator is not included as part of the services of this package. We do not direct the wedding ceremony or plan a timeline for your reception as part of this package. Your own coordinator should do this or one of our experienced coordinators can be added for an additional fee. Catering and photography are not included in this package. Contractor will not require Customer to choose from a recommended list of vendors. There will be a $100.00 fee for your caterer to use our kitchen (but not the use of our catering equipment). The time cannot exceed the time that the bride has contracted for on the day of her event. You or your caterer will need to take the garbage with you as we do not have a dumpster. If you would like for us to dispose of it, the fee is $40.00.
We do offer a few options which include food service at a very competitive price.
If interested, please request more information

For the comfort and safety of your guests and to preserve the environment, Maximum capacity on our property is 150 guests.

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